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Download Sigma Chess 6.2.1 with HIARCS 13.2 & Deep Junior 12

You can download the new Sigma Chess 6.2.1 and the Unregistered HIARCS 13.2 and Deep Junior 12 engines now simply by selecting the link below:

Download Sigma Chess HIARCS Deep Junior Lite
25 MB dmg file for Max OS X

IMPORTANT: You must copy the enclosed Sigma 6.2.1 HIARCS 13.2 folder to your hard drive before starting Sigma Chess. Do NOT run it directly from within the downloaded volume.

This version includes the following:

Now bundled with the new HIARCS 13.2 engine! This engine is a Universal Binary and thus runs at full speed on Intel Macs. Additionally, a multi processor version is available for even stronger play.
NEW Now bundled with the unregistered version of the new Deep Junior 12 engine! (Only runs on Intel Macs).
Fixed a bug when deleting games from a collection.
Fixed a bug with incorrect score signs when analyzing games & collections.

Note for OS 9 Users: The HIARCS engine and other UCI engines are only available on OS X. However, you can still use Sigma's built-in engine. Note though, that OS 9 is no longer officially supported.

Additional Downloads

Piece set and Board plug-ins
3rd party downloads

Sigma Chess 6.2 supports third party piece set and board plug-ins. The links below contain some sample plug-ins that you can download and move to the new "Plug-ins" folder (the author's name is shown in brackets). See the readme files in the "Plug-ins" folder for more details:

Victor Carbajo's Piece sets & Boards
Victor Carbajo has designed a lot of beautiful plug-ins for Sigma! Check out his web site here: Victor Carbajo's Piece sets & Boards
2D Piece Set Plug-ins
Round Clean (Victor Carbajo)
Soft European (Victor Carbajo)
Tube (Victor Carbajo)
Round (Juan Frias)
Emerald & Gold
Geometric (Alistair McNally)
Stylized Staunton (Alistair McNally)
Red & White (Lalo Tejeda)
2D Board Plug-ins
Ash (Alistair McNally)
Diagram (Alistair McNally)
Green Marble (Alistair McNally)
Mahogany (Alistair McNally)
Walnut (Alistair McNally)
Mahogany II (Claus Marcus)
Marble II (Claus Marcus)
Wood II (Claus Marcus)
Pink Rock (Claus Marcus)
Marble Rose (Claus Marcus)
Tiger (Doug Andersen)
Brown Leather (Doug Andersen)
Red Leather (Doug Andersen)
Kids Blocks (Doug Andersen) Large board
Kids Rainbow (Doug Andersen) Large board
Wood III (Hanspeter Konrad)
Wood IV (Hanspeter Konrad)
Wood V (Hanspeter Konrad)
Wood VI (Hanspeter Konrad)
Wood VII (Hanspeter Konrad)
Metall (Hanspeter Konrad)
Green (Hanspeter Konrad)

Annotated Game Studies
Compiled by Mederic

The latest list of annotated games:

D31 (20 KB)
D44 (20 KB)
D85 (40 KB)
C67 Berlin Wall (40 KB)
C99 Chigorin (20 KB)
B33 Cheliabinsk (104 KB)
C89 (32 KB)
[B33] Master of Pelikan! (21 KB)
A43 Benoni study (8 KB)
Kasparov Deep Junior NY 2003 (18 K)
King's Indian Attack!! (18 KB)
Slav Monograph!! (17 KB)

High quality studies with English annotations; this time - as the title implies - a selection of games with fianchetto themes!

Fianchetto Boggie!! (40 KB)

Studies, complete with English annotations; for the Pirc Alert! and The Slow Slav (D12). Games from the recent Kramnik-Deep Fritz 2002 match are also included.

Opening Studies II (28 KB)

Opening studies for Sozin Attack, Petroff's Defense, Paulsen, Anti-Marshall and English/Scheveningen can be downloaded below:

Opening Studies I (696 KB)

Opening Libraries
Compiled by Mederic

A brand new Grand Master library with more than 155.000 positions for d4/e4/c4/Nf3. Mederic has spent 6 months compiling this, so please download and check it out!!

Download Grand Master Library (1.7 MB)

A very complete opening library with more than 137.000 positions for d4/e4/c4/Nf3/g3/b4/b3:

Download Training Library (1.1 MB)

The latest list of annotated opening libraries:

A43 Benoni E.C.O. (8 KB)
A43 Masters of Benoni (80 KB)
B42 Paulsen (Pro) (104 KB)
B44 Tajmanov (Pro) (98 KB)
B92 Najdorf (Pro) (76 KB)
D45 Meran (Pro) (124 KB)
Master of KIA!! (488 KB)

Opening library with many annotations (in French), including more complete support for the Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, French, Caro-Kann, King's indian, Queen's gambit and many others.

Download French Library II (368 KB)

Installation: After download, copy the library to the Sigma Chess 6.2 folder, start the Sigma Chess application and open the library from the File/Open menu.

Copyright (C) 2011, Ole K. Christensen

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